Confused about when, what, and how to safely feed your baby solid food?

If you're preparing to start solids, or are in the early stages and want to learn more of the specifics - this course is for you. I'm Brooke Bulloch, Registered Dietitian and mom.

Whether you start baby with a traditional or baby led weaning approach, both can be acceptable and a lot will depend on your baby's preference (seriously!). But, there are SO many details to consider aside from the texture you choose to start with - key nutrients important for growth, supporting oral/motor development, texture advancement, reducing choking risk, when and how to introduce allergenic foods, when to safely introduce cows milk or plant based beverages. It's a lot! I'll take you through each topic detailing the most current evidence, best practice, and my experience as a mom.

What's Included in the Course?

You will have a 6 month access to the course including...

  • PowerPoint presentation slide deck, presented by me!

  • Live video demonstrations of baby eating various types of food and textues, with explanations

  • Downloadable course handout

  • Downloadable Food to Fit your Baby: Starter Recipes handout with 15 balanced recipes for baby

  • Downloadable Sample Meal Plan handout for babies 6-8 months and 10-12 months old

  • FREE call with me after course completion. This allows you to soak in the information and ask questions specific to your baby's needs.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Message
    • Disclaimer
  • 2

    Course Handouts

    • Full Course Handout
    • Ellyn Satter Division of Responsibility
    • Sample Feeding Days
    • Starter Recipes for Baby
    • First Foods Checklist
  • 3

    Course Outline

    • Course Outline
  • 4

    Chapter One: Vitamin D

    • Chp 1 - A Word on Vitamin D.pdf
  • 5

    Chapter Two: Signs of Readiness

    • Chp 2 - Signs of Readiness.pdf
  • 6

    Chapter Three: First Foods

    • Chp 3 - First Foods.pdf
    • Infant Cereal Update 2020
  • 7

    Chapter Four: How Much, How Often

    • Chp 4 - How Much How Often.pdf
  • 8

    Chapter Five: Baby Led Weaning

    • Baby Led Weaning Warning
    • Chp 5 - Baby Led Weaning.pdf
  • 9

    Chapter Six: Safe Textures and Texture Advancement

    • Chp 6 - To Puree or Not
    • Chp 6 - To Puree or Not
    • Baby's First Bite of Food
    • Baby's First Avocado1
    • Baby's First Avocado2
    • Baby's First Waffle
    • Baby Eats Carrot Fingers and Ground Beef
  • 10

    Chapter Seven: Reducing Risk for Choking

    • Chp 7 - Reducing Choking.pdf
    • Baby Eats Sweet Potato Fries
    • Baby Eats Roasted Broccoli
    • Baby Eats Orange Wedge
  • 11

    Chapter Eight: Introducing Allergenic Foods

    • Chp 8 - Allergenic Foods
    • Chp 8 - Allergenic Foods
    • Fletcher Eats Shrimp
  • 12

    Chapter Nine: Milk Products and Plant Based Beverages

    • Chp 9 - Milk Products and Plant Based Beverages
  • 13

    Chapter Ten: Raising an Intuitive Eater

    • Chp 10 - Intuitive Eater
    • Baby Led Weaning Takes Patience and Trust in Baby
  • 14

    Concludes the Course!

    • Concludes the Course!
    • Ask your Questions!
    • Course Survey

Take the stress out of mealtime right from the beginning.

Teach your baby to be a competent eater and help them build a healthy relationship with food.

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