Confused About When, What, and How to Feed your Baby Solid Food?

Take a deep breath, it's normal to be nervous. But I've got you covered.

I'm Brooke Bulloch, a Registered Dietitian and mom. Whether you start baby with a traditional or baby led weaning approach, both can be acceptable and a lot will depend on your baby's preference (seriously!). But, there are SO many details to consider aside from the texture you choose to start with - key nutrients important for growth, supporting oral/motor development, texture advancement, reducing choking risk, when and how to introduce allergenic foods, when to safely introduce cows milk or plant based beverages, phew! It's a lot! I'll take you through each topic detailing the most current evidence, best practice, and my experience as a mom. For just CAN$49.95 you have a 3 month access to the online course material (10 chapters including 10 live video demonstrations), the course handout, Food to Fit your Baby Starter Recipes, sample days for baby 6-8 months and 10 months, and a free Q and A call (or email support) with me after course completion!

Course Curriculum

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    • Welcome Message
    • Course Handouts
  • 2

    Course Outline

    • Course Outline
  • 3

    Chapter One: Vitamin D

    • Chp 1 - A Word on Vitamin D.pdf
  • 4

    Chapter Two: Signs of Readiness

    • Chp 2 - Signs of Readiness.pdf
  • 5

    Chapter Three: First Foods

    • Chp 3 - First Foods.pdf
    • Infant Cereal Update 2020
  • 6

    Chapter Four: How Much, How Often

    • Chp 4 - How Much How Often.pdf
  • 7

    Chapter Five: Baby Led Weaning

    • Baby Led Weaning Warning
    • Chp 5 - Baby Led Weaning.pdf
  • 8

    Chapter Six: Safe Textures and Texture Advancement

    • Chp 6 - To Puree or Not
    • Chp 6 - To Puree or Not
    • Baby's First Bite of Food
    • Baby's First Avocado1
    • Baby's First Avocado2
    • Baby's First Waffle
    • Baby Eats Carrot Fingers and Ground Beef
  • 9

    Chapter Seven: Reducing Risk for Choking

    • Chp 7 - Reducing Choking.pdf
    • Baby Eats Sweet Potato Fries
    • Baby Eats Roasted Broccoli
    • Baby Eats Orange Wedge
  • 10

    Chapter Eight: Introducing Allergenic Foods

    • Chp 8 - Allergenic Foods
    • Chp 8 - Allergenic Foods
    • Fletcher Eats Shrimp
  • 11

    Chapter Nine: Milk Products and Plant Based Beverages

    • Chp 9 - Milk Products and Plant Based Beverages
  • 12

    Chapter Ten: Raising an Intuitive Eater

    • Chp 10 - Intuitive Eater
    • Baby Led Weaning Takes Patience and Trust in Baby
  • 13

    Course Handouts

    • Full Course Handout
    • Ellyn Satter Division of Responsibility
    • Sample Feeding Days
    • Starter Recipes for Baby
  • 14

    Concludes the Course!

    • Concludes the Course!
    • Ask your Questions!
    • Course Survey

Take the stress out of mealtime right from the beginning.

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